View millions of boat images.

View millions of boat images.

View millions of boat images.

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Inland and Houseboats

Why use Boatshed's Boat Archive?

Boatshed have made available their full archive of over 20,000 previously listed boats, with each boat containing up to 100 photos, full boat spec and videos. This useful resource is like a boat bible for us all to use.

When you are searching for a boat you now have the option to include sold boats if you select the 'Sold Boats' button at the very bottom of the filtered search. This way you can compare boats that were sold a few years ago with boats that are currently for sale.

Alternately, use the filters above to view boats exclusively from our archive.

Boatshed has sold more boats than any other yacht broker and making all their data available means you don't have to look anywhere else. Comparing older models of boats sold with newer versions whether for sale or sold means that you really can choose the layout that is the most suitable for you and your family.